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Many times people tend to have minimal confidence with their smile.

Mainly, here in Los Angeles, you may even find someone having a problem with laughing or smiling.

Smile makeover is here to offer help in curbing the menace and help bring the dental confidence back.

Dental treatment for smile makeover

Veneers dentist tends to establish a beautiful smile restoring the dental confidence. Adapting to veneers treatment with the dental formula is used to boost a better smile.

The treatment includes procedures of whitening of the teeth and porcelain veneers. Dental bonding- application of high composite resins at the front of your teeth- is also used as a treatment step.

Bridges and zirconia crowning are highly recommendable by veneers dentist since they not only savor quality restoration but also strengthens your teeth.

The best candidate for a smile makeover

A smile makeover is mostly recommended for individuals with oral issues like tooth decay, loosened teeth, weaker gums, plaque, etc.

People often lose confidence and lack of peace of mind with such dental defaults.

Candidature with intense and deep oral problems is not suitable for smile makeover treatment.

Smile makeover cost

Costs may shoot up to $800 to $2000 depending on various factors.

The aspects are:

  • Different dentists charge differently depending on your needs and the depth of the dental issue at hand.
  • Highly dense populated areas may attract higher charges, unlike sparsely distributed areas. Regions that have developed within Los Angeles attract higher costs, unlike the developing parts.
  • The state of your oral health. Deeper and agonizing issues are costly unlike light menaces such as bacterial plaque.
  • Dental insurance level. Necessarily, dental insurance does not cover for the smile makeover cost though you may contact your insurance company for further details. It does not really affect your smile makeover costs thought with some veneers dentist it might. In case, your dentist identifies underlying oral issues before the smile makeover treatment; insurance carrier will cover the expenses for you.
  • To what extent you are planning for a customized smile makeover. This is affected by the amount of oral work done.
  • Renowned and highly skilled dentists will always tend to be more expensive unlike those under-qualified in the veneers industry.

Merits and demerits of smile makeover

Advantages of a smile makeover are:

  • Healthier and youthful teeth appearance.
  • Oral confidence is boosted.
  • Teeth are easier to clean, care for and maintain.
  • Fewer risks of teeth decay and oral infections.

Demerits include:

  • The cost is quite expensive.
  • Once the veneers are chipped off or worn out, there is no room to repair such.
  • Your teeth may become more sensitive to hot or cold drinks.

Maintaining the smile makeover

To maintain that beautiful smile makeover, you have to avoid highly sugared meals and minimize the consumption of sodas, coffee, tea, etc. Avoid alcoholic substances since studies report a negative implication on teeth with alcohol consumption.

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