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before and after veneers by dr marine

Among the most well-known cosmetic dental restorations, porcelain veneers are composed of thin pieces of tooth-shaped porcelain customized for shape and color to provide an aesthetic improvement for the patient’s smile



Dr. Marine Martirosyan is a well recognized Cosmetic Dentist in Glendale, CA. She received her degree from the prestigious University of Southern California in 1996.

A powerful education and doctoral training provide her with the foundation of knowledge and experience necessary to bring the latest breakthroughs in the field of Cosmetic Dentistry to her dental practice located in Glendale.

Veneers Dentistry

Veneers are thin porcelain or ceramic pieces that are used in dental treatment majorly for cosmetic purposes.

Veneers have become a widespread dental procedure within the city with many dental patients opting for veneer placement.

You will find that veneers are mostly used by models and actors on camera to improve the look of their smile.

Generally, veneers serve a cosmetic purpose, but they can also be used for dental treatment through tooth enhancement.

You can choose to have veneers on one tooth or all front teeth. If you intend on getting veneers, you should contact Veneers dentist Los Angeles.

We provide veneer placement for different dental complications.

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    How do veneers work?

    Veneers are typically placed on the surface of the tooth to conceal the stained tooth while also portraying a white set of teeth.

    Veneer treatment is not a complicated process and does not require plenty of dental procedures to complete. During the treatment, the cosmetic dentist first removes a bit of the enamel from the surface of the tooth. The space cleared is for placing the veneer such that it blends with other teeth evenly.

    The veneer is stuck onto the tooth surface with a strongly adhesive paste after which it cannot be removed. The dentist then polishes the veneer and shapes it to blend with the other teeth.

    When is veneer treatment recommended?

    Veneer treatment can be used for concealing discolored or extremely stained teeth. Instead of having these teeth removed which may require further dental treatment like dental implants, veneers Los Angeles provide a suitable option for tooth replacement. Most of the time, veneers are placed for front teeth.

    However, veneers can also be placed in the molars to make the tooth functional again by reinforcing it. alternatively, veneers can be used to cover decayed teeth and in turn showcase extremely white teeth. Although veneers are not a replacement for teeth cleaning, they serve a significant role in covering the tooth’s surface entirely. Lastly, veneers can also be used to fill gaps in teeth.

    The cosmetic dentist can design small veneers that can fit between teeth and cover spaces to portray a full set of teeth. With veneers, your smile is transformed in an instant.

    Client Testimonials

    I loved my experience with this office. Everyone was so welcoming and took great care of me. They gave me 10% being senior citizen. The hygienist was very gentle with my gum cleaning. Dr. Marine was very informative about my treatment needs. I had a lot of questions and she patiently answered all of them. I highly recommend this office.
    Ninel A
    I loved everything from the start. I was not clear about a treatment another dentist had recommended. Dr. Marine was very detailed in her explanation of the treatment. I left very clear as what I needed. She gave me few options and the office manager helped me to set up payment plan through Care Credit. I already had one filling done and it was, I can say, pretty pleasant. I found my dentist! Thank you!
    Edward A
    They made me feel comfortable, it was pretty smooth, and went through my analysis and options.
    I'm not as nervous to back.
    Christopher H.
    I always feel comfortable visiting Pacific Dental Care because I know I'll always be in good hands.
    I can't stress this enough when I said I've finally found my permanent dentist!
    Thank you to the beautiful Dr. Marine Martirosyan and her gorgeous staff members!
    Sandy L
    I highly recommend Pacific Dental Care. The staff is friendly, welcoming, and organized. After my consultation with Dr. Martirosyan, I decided to go ahead with the process of getting 4 veneers. After receiving a detailed plan from the Dr., a member of her staff walked me through each line item so I was aware of the costs. She explained what would be covered by insurance, what wouldn't, and presented numerous payment options. It was so refreshing to have all the information presented upfront. I could not be happier with Dr. Martirosyan's work. I receive her undivided attention at each visit. I truly believe she is an artist. She designed my veneers with care and explained why she thought the shape and length of each tooth would suit my smile. She is exceptionally skilled, has excellent bedside manner, and genuinely cares for her patients.
    Meagan O.

    Veneers dentist

    State-of-the-Art Smile Technology

    Our facilities are state of the art and our staff is professional and always welcoming. As much as we stress the importance of incorporating cutting edge tooling and technology, we also stress the importance of connecting with our patients on a personal level, bringing the human element back to dentistry. We cater to our procedures and treatments to suit each unique individual.

    Continued Commitment to Excellence

    We know that education doesn’t stop at Pacific Dental Care. Our staff, from administration to dentistry professional, continues to study trends in our industry and educate ourselves in the latest techniques and technology, incorporating it into our treatments and our practice.

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