What to Expect When Visiting a Veneer Doctor

Cosmetic Dentist

Veneer treatment is on the rise given that more and more people are requesting for veneer placement services. Veneers are very convenient for cosmetic purposes since they improve the smile significantly. Before getting veneers fitted, you need to ensure that you visit a credible veneer doctor.

Today, most dental clinics are offering veneer treatment for discolored teeth. Nonetheless, you should go for the best dental clinic available. Veneers dentist is one of the renowned dental clinics that deal with veneer treatment within Los Angeles.


When you visit a veneer doctor for the first time, the dentist will have to do an assessment. The assessment will be mainly focused on your dental issue. The dentist will be checking whether you are in need of cosmetic procedures or dental treatment and also looking at the possible treatments available. At this point, the patient works with the dentist as they come up with the best treatment for the expected results of veneer treatment. The dentist uses these suggestions to design ceramic veneers that fit over the surface of the tooth. If the patient has come with an issue of gapped teeth, the dentist takes a dental impression of the patient to be able to model small veneers for fitting between teeth with gaps.

Alternative treatment

Before the dentist can start any treatment, he first has to check whether veneers are the best treatment for you. Although veneers are very convenient for tooth replacements, some conditions may prevent the use of veneers for treatment. For instance, spreading tooth decay cannot be treated by veneer placement. The dentist has first to address this dental concern after which he can fit the veneers.

Common dental treatment discomfort

Before placing the veneer, the dentist removes some of the tooth enamel on the surface of the tooth. Since this procedure may be a bit painful to the patient, the dentist uses local anesthesia or sedation. However, if you’re not entirely unconscious, you may feel some irritation during and after the procedure. The dentist can recommend painkillers to reduce pain after the procedure if the patient is still feeling pain or discomfort. Over time, you get used to the veneers, and they no longer feel foreign in your mouth.

Maintenance of veneers

Veneers dentist recommends that you should go to the dentist once a week after getting veneers for the dentist to check on their functionality. The dentist will schedule regular checkups to help in maintaining the state of the veneers. The dentist can polish, reshape and repair or readjust the veneer to make it functional and whole again. Other ways that you should maintain your veneers is through proper dental hygiene. Brushing and flossing regularly will reduce stains and particles around veneers that may affect its functioning. You should also avoid biting on hard things that may chip or crack the veneers. Veneers can easily be stained and discolored. Your dentist can provide a list of beverages that you should avoid preventing staining of veneers.

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