Why Ceramic Veneers Might Be a Good Option for You

The aesthetic treatment for the interior teeth is known to be challenging in the clinical practice but with the evolution of the dental materials with the therapeutic options found including the ceramic veneers Los Angeles, this is no longer the case.  Now you can get inlays, ceramic veneers with all ceramic crowns.  In such circumstances, the dentist and the patient will decide on the best option to offer the best outcome for the  client.

The choice is found on the study for the aesthetic criteria with the desires of the patient to achieve to the therapeutic requirement.

Why Ceramic veneers:

Ceramic veneers are used to offer aesthetic dental restoration and because of its bio compatibility, mechanical property and stability and the excellent aesthetic results.  The veneers are not that invasive and this idea is getting even more ground with the dental practice. This is why the full ceramic veneers are becoming popular.  You will find 3 types of the full ceramic that are used in making of the veneers.

Ceramic veneers are made using three types of ceramic, they are leuice reinforced glass ceramic, feldspathic ceramic and then lithium disilicate reinforced glass ceramic. These have the special aesthetic and optical properties which mimics the natural tooth appearance with mechanical properties which look different. The full ceramic veneers look as a single tooth and they have a low thickness, the mechanical resistance of the material which is more important when it comes to handle the manufacturing phase or the intera-oral cementation which can preserve integrity of the restoration of the oral cavity.

The teeth preparation used for the techniques of the full ceramic veneers; it does differ according to the required aesthetic. Other consideration is contraindication, indications and which type of the veneers that should be made. The operator protocol does include the four treatment sessions which are required to make sure that the veneers are fully cemented over the natural teeth.  The ceramic veneers offer many advantages, but they may not be suitable for everyone.

The ceramic veneers are known to last between 10 years up to 21 years.

Advantages of veneers:

The veneers do offer many advantages that you should expect to enjoy when you get it installed

  • They do offer the appearance of a natural tooth,
  • The gum tissue can easily tolerate it
  • Ceramic veneers do not stain easily
  • The color can be chosen to look as other teeth in the mouth
  • The veneers do offer the conservative approach when it comes to changing the shape, color of the tooth. The veneers will not require using extensive shaping before the procedure as the crowns require. However, the do offer more aesthetic and stronger alternative.

However, before you get the veneers installed, keep the following in mind

  • The process cannot be reversed
  • The veneers will be costly compared to the resin bonding.
  • The veneers cannot be repaired in case they do crack or chip
  • Because the enamel may have been removed, the tooth can turn to be sensitive if you take cold or hot beverage.
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