Getting Veneers in Los Angeles


Dental veneers can address your real teeth problems as they are permanently cemented on your teeth. However, consider the pros and cons of getting veneers in Los Angeles before you decide. Here are a few of the most important things to know.

The Advantages of Getting Veneers

They Change the Way You Smile

Once you get your veneers done, you will notice the change in your smile. It becomes more beautiful because your dentist has created an aesthetic shape that looks good on you. Moreover, it also changes the color of your teeth. They become brighter and whiter like new.

They Fix Teeth Positions

If your teeth are crooked, veneers can help you straighten them. Braces can also do this, but it might take longer, probably one or two years before you can see the results.

Repair Your Enamel

Tooth enamel can be damaged for various reasons, for instance, acid reflux that causes it to decay. Getting veneers can replace these damaged sections of enamel and make your teeth aesthetically pleasing once again.

Hide Flaws

Other than crooked or gapped teeth, veneers can hide other flaws in your teeth too. Getting veneers allows you to improve your smile and get your confidence back on track.

The Cons of Getting Veneers

They’re Permanent

Dental veneers are a permanent procedure. The process of attaching dental veneers changes the structure of your teeth, requiring your dentist to shave off a small layer of enamel.

They’re Expensive

Veneers are generally not covered by insurance since they are considered to be a cosmetic procedure. So you need to think carefully when deciding to get dental veneers. The average price can be around $1,200.

They Can Make Your Teeth More Sensitive

If you drink a cold liquid and feel pain in your teeth, that’s because veneers make your teeth more sensitive. This happens in the first few weeks after the procedure. One way to help is to choose a soft toothbrush and use toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

Getting veneers in Los Angeles will give you the smile you’ve dreamed of and the confidence you seek. Visit Pacific Dental Care for veneers by an expert cosmetic dentist.

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