Gum Reshaping

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Gum reshaping, also referred to as gum contouring is a cosmetic process which involves sculpting your gums into a proper shape and the right appearance.

Having a gum defect tends to alter your daily oral routine. For instance, having your gums resting too low or too high on your enamel may make you feel uncomfortable with your smile, hence, lowering your self-esteem. However, any gum illness is treatable. With our skilled expertise and professional Veneers dentist you can book that appointment right away for the best gum reshaping.

The procedure

Gum reshaping involves a surgical procedure. The surgery is usually conducted at the dentist’s office here in Los Angeles. Before the Veneers dentist begins the procedure you will be asked about your overall oral health history. Physical examinations will also be performed so as to know whether you make an ideal candidate for the procedure.

The use of 3D technology, X-rays, and MRI are used in proper viewing of the state of your gums so as to know how serious the issue tends to be and when it is possible to perform the surgery.

Of recent, scalpels and radiosurgery are so fond in the procedure of gum reshaping. The dentist will then inform you which technique best suits your condition and its effectiveness.

The dentist will then draw a new line on your gums so as to indicate the amount of your gum which will be removed. This way you will be made aware of the effectiveness of the procedure and what you should expect throughout. Depending on the severity and how intense the condition of your gums are, local or sedation anesthesia will be used so as to numb the surgical site and ensuring that you experience a pain-free procedure.

There are instances where the veneers dentist is prompted to remove the bone which is slightly nigh to the front side of a tooth root. This is usually to enhance the best long term effects of the gum reshaping.

Laser treatment is so used in the procedure as many patients report a zero or very minimal procedure during the entire operation. Since there is hemoglobin absorption by the diode laser this allows the easy manipulation of the gums soft tissues. During the process of using laser, coagulation, drying and vaporizing the treatment site prevents profuse bleeding and inhibition of bacteria.

During the surgical treatment, also referred to as ‘use of scalpel treatment’, provides a platform for a precise incision of the gum layout. However, bleeding is uncontrollably and can hamper the operation visibility.


Before and after gum reshaping you should ensure that you do not wear them out with too much consumption of hot or cold drinks. This tends to boost the sensitivity of the gums.

You should maintain proper overall health hygiene.

Consume a balanced diet. This helps in healing the wound quickly.

Avoid chewing hard foodstuffs moments after surgery.

Pros and cons

The advantages of gum reshaping are an improved overall oral appearance, improved smile, and a good appearance and shape of your gums.

The demerit is that you may not escape bleeding and the costs may be unfavorable yet affordable.

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