Problem with Your Gums? Try Laser Gum Surgery

For someone who suffers gum problems, he may consider to undergo the gum surgery which may be length, debilitating and painful. However, with the laser gum Los Angeles also known as Periolase, it can offer the best alternative.  The following are some of the benefits you can enjoy when you treat gum disease using laser.

Many people suffer periodontal or gum disease.   For someone who is suffering mild gum disease, it may be corrected using the right oral hygiene such as flossing or brushing. However, for someone who suffers periodontal diseases, he may require to get extensive treatment.

Gum health is important:

A severe case of gum disease is called Periodontitis and it takes place if the gum health had been neglected for a long period.  The gum can develop deeper pockets found between the bones or tissue and it may lead to the tooth loss.

Such pockets can be infected easily, and if the disease is not removed, it may affect the jaw.  This may also affect the brain and the eyes.  In different cases, it may lead to death or it may cause blindness.

Gum surgery:

In most cases, the dentist can recommend the gum surgery in order to get rid of the infection or to treat periodontitis.  However, this will require invasive procedure which may include sutures, slicing and a painful and length recovery period.

The laser treatment at the other hand, it offers same or better results without the case of invasive surgery. It will insert a small and tiny laser fiber which is not thicker than three hairs in the place found between the gums or tooth so that the infection may be cleared out.

In case you suffer any severe gum disease and you want to get the treatment, then the following are some of the benefits of using the laser treatment instead of surgery.

  • No need to cut anything : laser will not cut within the gums as it happens with the surgery and it minimize the requirement of sutures
  • No discomfort: most of the patient agrees that periolase is not that painful, during or after the procedure compared to the surgery. The procedure is not invasive and it requires the user of the anesthetics only or numbing. This is opposed to the general anesthetic which is used during the surgery.
  • Short period: to get the surgery done, you will need two visits and two hours to complete the procedure and two follow ups. For the surgery, you need four hours, 1 hour session with other visits to remove the suture and to do additional check-ins.
  • Diet restriction: the dentist can recommend that you take a soft diet for few days, however, in most cases, it is possible to start eating whatever you like at once after the treatment

Short period for recovery:   to recover from the gum surgery, it will take you over 2.-4 weeks, and it may also include pain and swelling, with laser gum Los Angeles, it is possible to recover in less than a day.  It is possible to go back to work in just few hours.

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