The Process of Veneer Placement

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Veneers are a very convenient form of tooth enhancement. While other tooth enhancement procedures require various dental procedures to perform, veneers may require up to 3 dental sessions for the whole procedure to be complete. What’s more, veneer treatment will not leave you with any discomfort or pain as you would expect from other dental treatments. At Veneers Dentist Los Angeles, you can get a large variety of treatments that require veneer placement. If you intend on getting veneers, you should visit a competent veneers dentist who can deal with any dental issue presented. Some people might not be recognizable with how veneers are placed and may think that it is a difficult procedure. Below is a step by step procedure of how veneer treatment is done at Veneers Dentist.

Diagnosis and treatment plan

Before getting dental treatment, you must undergo dental consultation. Here the dentist assesses your dental health and provides a suitable solution for your dental issue. The dentist will as well help you select the best type of veneer for your dental issue. First, the dentist inquires for your expectations of treatment. This will help guides the dentist into providing special customer-specific treatment for you. During this procedure, the dentist also checks for any issues or deficits that may hinder the veneer process. The dentist will then use an X-ray to take an impression of your teeth that will be used to design the veneers.


In this stage, the veneers dentist prepares all the teeth that need veneers. The procedure does not have any invasive procedures that cause pain or discomfort. The dentist will then remove about a half millimeter of the tooth enamel where the veneer will be placed. The part removed should be equal with the veneer being placed in order to avoid making the tooth bulge outward. After making the depression on the tooth, the dentist then takes an impression of your teeth for better sizing of the veneer. The impression is taken to the dental lab and takes about 4 weeks for the final veneer to be produced.


After getting the veneers from the dental lab, the veneers dentist fits the veneer to ensure that it fits perfectly. If necessary, the dentist may have to cut out the veneer and shape it in order for the veneer to be a perfect fit. Also, the dentist may have to polish the veneer to make the shade match that of the adjacent teeth. This is normally done using special dental cement. Before placing the veneers, the dentist etches the surface of the tooth in order to improve adhesion of the veneer.

The veneer is applied dental cement then stuck onto the surface of the tooth. The cement is then hardened using a special light making it strong and firm. Finally, the dentist does some finishing touches by removing excess cement and checking on your biting. You may have to go for a follow up for the dentist to ensure that the veneers are effective.

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