Various Veneer Treatments

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Veneer treatment is a widely used dental procedure with various applications across the field of dentistry. Veneers can either be used for cosmetic purposes or for dental treatment. In most cases, however, veneers are used in cosmetic dentistry to improve the quality of your smile. If you are considering getting veneers in Los Angeles, then you should visit Veneers Dentist. They have some of the best dental specialists to deal with any of your dental issues using veneer treatment. Veneers Los Angeles are most commonly used in smile makeovers.

Smile makeover

A smile makeover is a cosmetic procedure that involves a complete change of the features of the face aimed at improving the smile completely. During a smile makeover, various procedures are undertaken to change how the smile looks. Veneers are a preferred dental appliance in smile makeovers due to their malleability in tooth enhancement. A veneer can be used for different purposes including covering the surface of the tooth to make the tooth brighter and cleaner. Instead of cleaning or whitening the tooth, a veneer serves the same purpose and covers the discolored tooth in the process.

Teeth reshaping

Sometimes, teeth may grow differently making them look jagged and irregular at full length. Other times, the teeth may be shorter than usual making your smile look odd and unattractive. For such incidences, veneers can be used in reshaping the teeth in order to make them more aligned and symmetrical. Since veneers are designed in a dental lab, they can be made in any size required. In teeth reshaping, the dentist first assesses the condition of your teeth and treats any dental issues that need immediate treatment.

After that, the dentist designs small veneers that will be placed on top of the tooth and reshape the tooth. The dentist can opt to make the tooth longer by adding some veneer at the bottom to lengthen the size of the tooth. Visit Veneers Dentist for the best veneer dentistry in the city.

Closing Gaps

Veneers are also used in covering gaps between teeth. Normally, you would see an orthodontist for issues with teeth alignment and spaces between teeth. However, veneers are also applicable to this cosmetic procedure. During treatment, the dentist will first assess your teeth checking on the areas that need veneer treatment. After that, the dentist will design small veneers to be placed on the gaps covering the gaps completely.

The veneers are fitted between the teeth and stuck with a strong adhesive. If necessary, the veneer is cut and smoothened to cover the tooth evenly. It is then polished until it matches the shade of adjacent teeth.

Covering tooth decay

Tooth decay is a general dental issue among most Americans. At Veneers Dentist, you can get veneers to cover a decayed tooth and conceal it from being seen. The veneers will provide a bright sheen as compared to the original tooth yet you won’t have to extract the tooth.

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