Uses of Ceramic Veneers in Dentistry


Ceramic or composite veneers are a type of veneer that is used in cosmetic dentistry. Veneers are basically small dental items that are stuck on the surface of the tooth to improve the quality of teeth and the smile in general. At Veneers Dentist, you can get top-notch veneer treatment for various dental issues. They have a team of veneer specialists who can address any of your dental concerns.

Among the different types of veneers, ceramic veneers are one of the most affordable and effective types of veneer treatment. They are easy to fit and can last more than five years if well maintained. Ceramic veneers are used in a variety of dental procedures. Below are a number of common applications of ceramic veneers.

Protecting worn out teeth

Teeth that have been eroded by decay and cavity may become a nuisance over time. Since they are not completely operational, they can cause more disadvantage than benefit to your general dental health. If you do not want the tooth removed then ceramic veneers may be your best option for treatment.

Ceramic veneers can be placed on top of the worn out tooth to reinforce it and make it functional again. The ceramic veneer will reduce any impact on the tooth hence protecting the tooth from any damage.

It can also reduce tooth sensitivity by reinforcing the tooth and making it harder for the tooth nerves to sense the temperature of food and beverages.

Covering discolored teeth

People with discolored teeth can have a problem with smiling and showing off their teeth. Normally, teeth cleaning and whitening is usually recommended for people with discolored teeth. However, there is a superior way of dealing with this dental issue without endangering the natural tooth.

Ceramic veneers can be used to conceal discolored teeth and showcase a white set of teeth. Ceramic veneers have a natural tooth feeling making you forget you even have veneers on. What’s more, veneers won’t need any further treatment, unlike tooth whitening which has to be repeated after a few months.

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For chipped teeth

Chipped and broken teeth can be easily fixed using composite veneers. During treatment, the dentist will first check your teeth and assess the nature of the chipped tooth. After that, small composite veneers will be molded that fit the broken piece or chipped part of the tooth.

The dentist will then place the small composite bit on the broken tooth and stick it with an adhesive substance. The veneer is then left to dry and becomes fully functional after becoming firm.

Gapped teeth

Teeth with gaps can easily be treated using ceramic veneers. By designing small ceramic veneers and placing them on the gaps, the dentist can make your smile whole again.

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