What Do Veneers Cost in Los Angeles?

ceramic veneers

Hampering that smile needs a lot, therefore, advocating for veneers.

Even though I do prefer veneers there comes along some expenses that you might not elope of which they are affected by several factors that I will discuss below.

Reasons why I should opt for veneers dentist

  • If enamel is worn out due to various causes like consuming tea or coffee then veneers are a perfect fit to correct the smile affected by worn out enamel.
  • If you have discolored teeth, whitening may not fully correct the issue, but veneers will offer a simple solution.
  • Uneven shapes and sizes of teeth. Gnashing or grinding of teeth may hamper unevenness of the teeth, hence, resulting in malocclusion. Veneers dentist will solve this issue at an instant.
  • Widened gaps between teeth. This may be as a result of genetics; maybe you were born with an abnormal spacing between my teeth which widens as you age. Veneer dentist will tend to fill the gaps for healthy and best teeth appearance.

Types of veneers cost

There are two types of veneers cost; traditional veneers cost and composite veneers. Traditional veneers cost can go for an average of between $920 and $2,500 per tooth but can last ten to fifteen years. Composite veneers usually cost an average $250 to $1,500 per tooth of which this may last five to seven years.

Factors affecting veneers cost

The cost of veneers dentist depends on many factors inclusive are:

  • The fees of the veneers dentist performing the procedure. Various dentists charge differently with veneers. Some may cost $1000 per tooth while others may cost $2000.
  • The amount of dental work done, and the technical skills required to place the veneers on the front surface of the teeth. The artistic skill of the ceramist making the veneer also triggers an impact on the veneers cost.
  • The location in which the treatment is purported to take place also has a significant effect on the veneers cost. Veneers cost varies widely by region of the county. If you were living in a large metropolitan area, the veneers cost would be higher compared to if you were living in smaller cities. This is because of the population and the development within the diverse areas.
  • Dental insurance. Typically, dental insurance does not cover for all procedures though it might be applicable.
  • Materials used for the placement of the veneers. Such materials can be porcelain and composite resins. Porcelains tend to be more expensive than the composite resins which can either be applied direct or indirect.
  • The number of teeth being treated. Let’s say you want veneers treatment for ten teeth, this implies that the veneers cost would be much higher unlike if it were only three or fewer teeth. Since the veneers cost per tooth is already expensive, then the bigger the number of teeth the more expensive the treatment.


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