What to Look For to Find the Best Veneers

Veneer teeth covers are also known as the porcelain veneers or sometime dental porcelain laminate. They are custom made shells that are wafer thin. They are made using the tooth colored material which had been designed in the way that it can cover over the front teeth in order to improve with appearance. The shells have been bonded over the teeth which can help in changing the length, size, shape and the color.

Dental veneer making

The dental veneers may be made using porcelain or using resin composite materials. The porcelain veneers does resist the stains better compared to the resin veneers.  They also reflect the light as the natural teeth do.  The dentist will take you through the best benefits and how to make a choice for the right veneers in your case.

Why do you need dental veneers?

  • You need dental veneers if the teeth had been discolored, you suffer stains caused by tetracycline or you had a root canal. Others may be too much fluoride, enough resin filling that led to teeth discoloration
  • The teeth which had been worn down
  • The teeth that have been broken or chipped
  • The teeth that are uneven, misaligned and which are of irregular shape.
  • When you need to close teeth that have gaps.

The procedure of installing dental veneers

When you want to get dental veneers, it may require you to visit the dentist three times.  The first one is to undergo the consultation; the second one is to make the veneers while the third one is to apply these veneers. One or even more than one tooth can get through the veneers process at once.

  • Diagnosis with treatment planning: this takes place if you visit the dentist for the first time. The dentist will need your cooperation.  You should explain to the dentist what you want to achieve and this is when the dentist can examine the teeth to ensure that the dental veneers look appropriate in your case.  You should talk about what the procedure can involve and some of the limitation that you should be aware off.  He will then take the x-rays or make the impression of the teeth and mouth.
  • Preparation of the teeth: in order to prepare the tooth to get the veneer, the dentist has to reshape the tooth surface which is should be equal to the thickness of the veneers which should be added to it.  Before the trimming of the enamel, the dentist can decide if you require getting local anesthesia or not. The next step is for the dentist to do an impression or a model of the tooth. The model is then sent to the dental laboratory and this is where your veneers can be made.  It may take up to 4 weeks for the dentist to get back the Veneer teeth covers. The doctor may install temporary veneers if you want to.
  • Bonding

Before the dental veneers can be installed permanently over the tooth, the dentist will try it on to check the color and the fit. After cleaning and polishing the teeth, then the veneers will be bonded over the tooth to ensure stronger bonding.

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