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You may tend to lose confidence over your smile because of your teeth feeling.

Worry no more because Lumineers might be what you need to restore the confidence.

Lumineers are thin veneers shell-like covers that are placed over your teeth.

Unlike thick porcelain veneers, Lumineers are of thin layers.

Issues that can be addressed by Lumineers

With the growing need to adapt to Lumineers here in Los Angeles, it is with a proper note that not all dental issues can be handled by Lumineers. However, there are specific issues that can be addressed by Lumineers including:

  • Teeth that are badly discolored can be highly favored and handled by Lumineers.
  • Teeth that are worn down can as well be corrected by adapting to Lumineers treatment.
  • Wear and tear of teeth. Teeth can be torn out due to grinding and gnashing of the teeth which hampers chipping and breaking of those teeth. Lumineers are placed to address this issue.
  • Teeth that are poorly aligned may savour bad shaping and uneven sizes of the teeth. Lumineers can be used to restore a healthy and normal teeth alignment.
  • Gaps between the teeth. Dental formula with gaps between the teeth may widen with age leading to a feeling of lower self-confidence with the dental aspects. Lumineers are best to cover up for that issue by filling out the gaps.

Lumineers cost

The price of Lumineers may range between $800 and $2000 per tooth whereas the price with traditional dental veneers is lower running between $500 and $1900 per tooth. There are factors which influence how much patients may spend on Lumineers.

The aspects are:

  • Geographical factors. Location and the population density amongst others highly tend to have an impact on the Lumineers cost. Metropolitan areas in Los Angeles may attract higher charges of Lumineers, unlike the sparsely distributed areas.
  • The difficulty of the dental case. Lumineers treatment that might take long procedural dental work is more expensive unlike issues such as teeth discoloration.
  • The reputation and skills of the veneers dentist profoundly affects the treatment price in that, highly reputable and skillful veneers dentist can charge higher unlike those with no positive reputation alongside those underskilled.
  • The number of teeth to be treated. The more the teeth to undergo treatment the higher the costs and vice versa.
  • The size of the issue. More chronic dental issues to be addressed by Lumineers can cost much as compared to less chronic issues.

Advantages of Lumineers

  1. Lumineers are reversible unlike porcelain veneers since in most cases your natural teeth remain healthy and intact.
  2. Elimination of the discolored teeth is permanent.
  3. Little or no sensitivity.
  4. Lumineers are an ideal solution to wearing braces since they help cover the teeth gals making your dental formula appear uniform.

Demerits of Lumineers

  1. Lumineers may not offer the best optimum solution to all individuals with dental issues.
  2. Lumineers are more expensive to porcelain veneer
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