Teeth Bleaching


Teeth bleaching is mainly used to lighten up your teeth, removing stains and hamper the looks with a brighter smile as well confidence with speech.

Veneers dentist will tell you that you will not be the best candidature for this process if you have fractured teeth, tooth decay, dental cavities, gum bleeding, unusual sizes and shapes of the teeth, gaps in teeth. However, the process will only favor those with bacterial stains and with the less white teeth. Candidates with the yellow coloring respond best to the treatment.

Causes of stains and less white teeth

  • Excessive consumption of soft drinks such as sodas, tea, and coffee.
  • The use of tobacco usually increases savors the yellow stains on the teeth.
  • Using such pharmaceutical drugs such as tetracycline increases chances of stained teeth.
  • Excess intakes of fluoride. Fluoride is mostly found in the water we drink, there are regions in Los Angeles that have high fluoride concentration in the water hence, harnessing stains.
  • Consecutive consumption of alcoholic substances.
  • The aging process also wears out the enamel. As you age the enamel tissues become thin.

Teeth bleaching costs

Teeth bleaching costs are affected by a number of aspects. Generally, teeth bleaching costs an average of $650 to $1000 as the overall costs. The costs is affected by the following aspects:

  • The intensity of the teeth discoloration. The degree at which your teeth have discolored will tell how much dental work will be done and the costs.
  • The number of sessions. The lengths and the session numbers will tell how much you will pay for the teeth bleaching process.
  • Older people may have tough stains on their teeth, thus the costs are higher, unlike younger individuals.

Benefits of teeth bleaching

  • Confidence with the dental formula with being restored. You will not feel embarrassed about your smile.
  • Hamper’s appearance of the teeth. Teeth bleaching boosts those looks and enhances ease of speech.
  • Your teeth tend to become stronger and healthier.
  • Oral health maintenance is improved to preserve the teeth.

Limitations of teeth bleaching

The disadvantages of teeth bleaching are:

  • Sensitivity increases. Your teeth will become sensitive to hot or cold drinks and hot meals as well.
  • The process is expensive. Teeth bleaching lasts for two to three years which after you can bleach them again and pay more.
  • Damages to the tooth enamel and the gum. Bleaching of the teeth can cause the enamel to wear out, and the damage might be long-lasting.
  • Only a specific candidature can undergo teeth bleaching. Individuals with deep oral problems are locked out from the process.
  • Change in diet and avoidance of some drinks. It is highly recommendable by veneers dentist that you have to avoid some drinks like coffee that might lead to teeth stain. You are also advised to keep off highly acidic meals.

Maintaining teeth bleaching

Brushing often will tend to improve and preserve the teeth bleaching process. Abiding by the precautions given to you will help keep the teeth.

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