The New and Advanced Veneers


Veneers are fine strips made of porcelain or other composite matter that are strategically placed on the front surface of teeth to help solve various dental conditions. The veneers are meant to blend in with the natural teeth and appear like the natural front surface of the existing tooth.

We are a board-certified dental practice, with offices in Los Angeles, and we specialize in veneers treatment and procedures, having been in practice for more than a decade now.

We have provided service to thousands of patients in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas, and we are confident to state that we have always had successful procedures with little dissatisfaction from our patients.

You are welcome to visit our dental practice and experience the new and advanced veneers has to offer.

Who is a good candidate for Veneers?

Are displeased with the way your teeth look like? Maybe it is the stains on your teeth that are affecting your confidence and self-esteem. It is not likely that you will be eager to flash your smile to friends with noticeable stains on the teeth. You will be very self-conscious, and you may even end up hiding from them. This greatly lowers your self-esteem and adversely affects your social life.

That is why we have veneers as a perfect remedy for you. With the veneers, your teeth will appear to be perfect and appealing with the custom-made veneers sitting on the teeth. That means you can comfortably communicate with people without worrying that our teeth are letting you down. Besides stains and discoloring, veneers also help solve issues with the dental structure. This includes issues of misaligned and badly shaped teeth, chipped and fractured teeth et cetera. Therefore, regardless of your current dental woes, visit our qualified practitioners and let them take care of your smile.


When you visit our dental practice, the initial stage will involve an oral examining to get a clear understanding of your dental formula and the extent of damage on the teeth.

Here, you will undergo an array of tests and 3D scans to come up with a perfect impression of your mouth and teeth. The dentist then makes molds of your affected teeth. This information will be necessary for the making of the veneers. We put a lot of work and concentration on this stage to come up with the perfect veneers for you that will be able to treat the specific conditions on each tooth. The veneers are prepared by use of computer-aided designs, and within a matter of minutes, they are ready to be placed on your teeth.

The veneers are stuck in place with the use of adhesives, and after the procedure, it is impossible to differentiate the veneers from the natural teeth. You leave our center a satisfied patient with an amazing smile to flash to your friends as proof of the make-over.

Visit us today for the best veneers experience and you can be sure to get compliments from friends on the new smile you’ll achieve.

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